At Hy-Pro Corporation, our mission is to make our customers as efficient as possible. From improving the reliability of hydraulic and lube oil assets through our filter elements and filtration equipment to stopping equipment failures and downtime to reducing the environmental impact from the use and disposal of industrial fluids, it is our goal to eliminate industrial fluid contamination and all difficulties related to it.

Hy-Pro Corporation manufactures the highest quality hydraulic, lube oil, varnish, and diesel filtration equipment.

Our mission is to make our customers as efficient as possible. We do that by providing: – A full range of filters and filtration products

We are able to deliver fast, reliable service on a local level, ensuring the relationships we make along the way are always cared for and our appreciation for them expressed. Those relationships, along with our nonstop desire for progress, allow us to improve the lives of our customers across the world.

Hy-Pro filtration Products:

  • Filter assemblies
  • Filter elements & media
  • Fluid conditioning equipments
  • Vacuum dehydrator for water removal
  • Varnish Mitigation solution
  • Particle counter and test kits