RAD Torque Systems

Stronger, Lighter, Faster RAD Torque Wrenches

RAD Torque Systems is the leading manufacturer of pneumatic, battery-powered, and electronic pistol grip torque wrenches. RAD products have proven to be successful all over the world in such industries as oil and gas, mining, aerospace, wind power and manufacturing.

RAD Pneumatic Tools

Our pneumatic series of tools put power and control in your hands when you need constant torque output through a high volume of fastening applications. User-friendly and ergonomic, our pneumatic tools walk the careful balance between the need for precision, the demand for speed, and the undeniable quest for reliability. No matter the toughness required in your industry — whether it’s oil and gas, aerospace, manufacturing, mining, or power generation — RAD Torque pneumatic tools deliver.


These ultra-advanced electronic torque wrenches use a pistol grip to facilitate a high degree of accuracy, delivering on-target fasteners with a +/- 3% degree of accuracy. The legendary RAD gearbox design pairs with our AV Servo motor to speed up your work by as much as 300%.

B-RAD Battery Series: Versatility and Power

With the highest accuracy available, the B-RAD Battery Series is packed with features designed to minimize downtime and boost worker productivity. It delivers the highest power-to-weight ratio in its field, with accuracy of +/- 5%.


Our V-RAD Select Electric torque wrenches put power in your hand in both forward and reverse, boosting productivity while delivering the precision you need when it counts. Choose from a digital display or an easy-to-use screen to get the real-time data you need on the job.


One mistake can stop your project or assembly line in its tracks. At RAD Torque Systems, we are devoted to making sure those mistakes don’t happen. We know your heavy equipment must keep running safely and reliably and that’s why we created the most precise torque wrenches on the market. We understand how important it is to tighten fasteners and bolts correctly and know your employees and your customers depend on us. Because of this trust, that’s why we produce audit equipment to help you stay on top of every detail.