Powerflow is more than just a supplier of the best equipment in the world. We recognize that training is a vital ingredient to any successful relationship and an initial investment in training will repay itself many times over to the end user.

SPX Training

Correct training is an essential part of the technology – API Endorsed courses are available at both Ashington facility and customer site.

SPX accredited by MJI (Mechanical Joint Integrity) Training Standards program as a training provider and technical test centre, as well as API’s Training Provider Certification Program, offering a range of courses covering joint integrity and flange management to industry recognized standards. All instructors have many years experience in the joint integrity/flange management sector, including considerable time in a hands-on role actually doing the job that they are now training others to do. In addition to this all instructors have nationally recognized teaching qualifications, which reinforce the quality and value of the training programs that we offer.

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