Inductive Load Banks

Inductive (or inductive reactive) load banks are used in conjunction with resistive load banks for testing AC supplies at non unity power factors. Most generating sets are rated at 0.8 power factor (or CosØ), so to test at rated conditions requires both resistive and inductive load.

Inductive load banks can be customised for a particular application, or they can be combined into one unit with resistive load banks.

Reactive load inductors

Datacenter Loadbanks MiddleEast

The Proofloader uses replaceable load elements which are conservatively rated and sheathed in stainless steel for corrosion resistance. They do not need cooling fins, which means that they are very reliable, because they are not susceptible to hot spots caused by foreign matter or loose fins.


Access and control


A comprehensive system of guards and interlocks ensures safe and reliable operation, and the Sigma control system provides easy-to-use manual or automatic test programs. Control is either from an intelligent hand terminal, or from a PC running the Sigma PC system software.


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