Intelligent Hand Held Terminal

TheSigma Intelligent Hand Held Terminal (IHT) provides full load control and three-phase instrumentation on any Froment Sigma-equipped load bank.

The IHT is housed in a tough enclosure providing IP65 protection. It can be operated up to 1km from the load bank, and simple plug/socket connections allow a single controller to operate multiple load banks. Multi language support includes English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Load control

Comprehensive load control is provided for any combination of Resistive, Inductive or Capacitive load banks, with a load step resolution down to 0.1 kW/kVA.

The IHT automatically detects supply voltage, frequency, phase and phase rotation, and provides comprehensive overload and stall protection based on the rating of the supply under test.

Load can be controlled manually, and automatic load sequences can be programmed with built-in help for both first-time user and experienced operators.



Instrumentation measurements are made using high accuracy voltage and current transformers located within the load bank. The information is processed digitally with high speed sampling of the raw data and displayed in three ‘pages’ on the graphical display.

This provides full three-phase true rms measurements with high update rates. The system provides accuracy better than class 1, with traceable calibration.

An integrated printout facility allows data to be recorded, and an RS 232 port provides connection for load control and instrumentation.


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